1. Enter the message that you'd like to send.
  2. Click Make the drop! below.
  3. Copy and paste the generated location and password to the person you want to pick up the drop.
  4. Note that this is a one-time drop, so the data will self-destruct after it's been picked up. All links expire after 24 hours.

Drop made!

You need to copy and send the message below to the person you want to pick up this drop. Note, for added security, send the password separate from the link.

I'm sending you some secure information.




  • This drop will ONLY work once, so be careful with the password, and make sure to copy the data immediately.
  • After you pick it up, the data will self destruct and this link won't work anymore.
  • This link will only work for 24 hours, so please check shortly.

Enter the password

This will only work once! Clicking 'Get The Drop' will delete the message permanently.


Your decrypted message is below. This message has been deleted, you will not be able to retrieve it again.


Is this safe?

Here's why your message is safe:

  • Your message is not transmitted unencrypted
  • Your message is not stored unencrypted
  • Your encrypted message is stored for 24 hours, then deleted
  • Once your message is retrieved, it is deleted
  • If there is a problem retrieving your message, including an incorrect password, it is deleted.
  • We cannot decrypt your message, we simply don't have the password

The security of the encryption used is handled by the Symmetric Encryption engine developed at Stanford.

The largest threat associated with this method is having your message & password both intercepted and retrieved before your intended recipient has an opportunity to retrieve it. You should be mindful of how you transmit these pieces of information, and ideally send the password separate from the link.

How can I verify this?

You can take a look at the original source code on GitHub.